G. Tüffens, Munich


“The coaching was very practical: Henry Olaz provided me with valuable speaking and writing support for an important Power Point presentation.”



T. Gemici

Manager, Recycling Company, Düsseldorf


Gramercy Learning reviewed and clarified the scientific language of an alternative energy plants paper that I wrote for an international conference presentation. Henry Olaz encouraged me to use accurate sentence structures and paraphrasing. He went over every paragraph to make sure that the ideas were not repeated. I followed his pronunciation drills and intonation exercises; but more than anything, Henry encouraged me to find my own voice, to speak naturally while engaging the audience.



N. Inderhees

Logistics Manager, Dormagen


Henry Olaz edited my PowerPoint presentation, refocusing some of the ideas. He also suggested changes in the graphic design to enhance the main points of the text. After several rounds of practical exercises, I was confident enough to deliver the presentation without reading from the slides, as well as engaging the audience with professional and personal anecdotes. 




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